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Terror_Pesc new single out now “Shyne 22”

It's been over 20 years since Pesc have released any new music. He feel's now is the time. Shyne 22 is the first single off his new project totally produced by V Don who had over 4.1 million Streams last year on Spotify alone. 

When Asked about this new project Pesc Said. 

"If u don’t support someone highlighting the trauma caused by police brutality & the injustice we face as a people then u must not come from the same type of places I come from!?‍♂️RIP Nitty??Cherry Hill Lives The Album Coming Sooner than u think!!!??Town M@rket Ent."

Check out Shyne 22 on YouTube now: 

Shyne 22

look out for our interview with Pesc coming soon!

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