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Creators Studio's Now Open in Newark Delaware

It's appointment only at this exclusive Hair studio. You have to know someone to even get in the door. Appointments are limited. Sometimes months out. This place is the brainchild of @302barber Usmaan. a 24-year-old self-taught celebrity barber. Some of his clients include Charlie... of course. He also keeps players from the Philadelphia Eagle's looking their best.


The creator studio's space is a vibe... on the University of Delaware campus. This Clean, open, bright inviting space is different than any other in the area. Skip the dusty old shops, with dirty mirrors and check out creator's studio...the space itself is professionally decorated. No detail left unfinished. Comfortable waiting area, gaming area, and the playlist is always fire.  

We wish our client nothing but success on his new business adventure. If you are in the area, stop by and grab some merch. Charlie's Print Shop made Usmaan's vision come to light with all the new merch.  Usmaan spared no expense on his Merch. Choosing to go with name brands like Champion, and Nike, his clients can expect to enjoy the merch for years to come.  

you can check out Usmaan's story here:

Need T-shirts, custom vinyl stickers, merch design, window stickers? drop us a line, or text us. 

302 barber t-shirts

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