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Freeze Pops taking over the New York Market

Since 2020 the brand Freeze pops has taken over the California recreational smoke community as one of the most Premium and exclusive brands. This Plant is only grown in small batches. Making it very difficult to get your hands on. Its mostly seen with some of LA's most talented skateboarders, and artist. 

With such a exclusive brand of course they would come to Charlies for the Merch, Labels, and of course bags. 

When talking with the curator of Freeze pops my First question was.... what the hell is freeze pops?

A: it's a super potent indica. Heavy Flavor a cross between Gelato and Ice cream cake. This herb is best with rolled in a Vanilla Dutch Master. 

freeze pops recently did a collaboration with the "jokes up" brand. They plan on many more in the near future. 

freeze pops

if you can get your hands on it... give it a try. 

Why Upstate New York?

Upstate has a lot of pot... a lot of really shitty pot. low grade. We plan to introduce the market to high quality smoke. 

freeze pop

The Beach is now in NY. Get your Freeze pops Merch now. T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats and more. Do you need bags printed? contact us now! 

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